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Welcome! Can you Spot all Differences?

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Spot the Difference Fortnite is a classic spot the difference game, using the differences between two pictures. If you play Fortnite, the interesting pictures will entertain you. Some well-known places on the island that Fortnite players know include Shantytown, timber tent, Lazylake Island, the orchard, the crash site and more. Fortnite is a massively multiplayer online battle royal game created by Epic Games. For stats Fortnite fn tracker keeps track of players' leaderboard rankings, weapons owned, and cosmetics owned. The crafting of forts and destructible landscape make it stand out. Fortnite is broken up between several modes such as 100-player PVP solo, duo or 4-person squads.

Quick Tips

Count shapes, circles and other small objects. It will help you spot some differences.

Take your time, do not rush and don't forget that you can use tips if you are stuck.