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Welcome! Can you Spot all Differences?

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Do these pictures look similar or different to you? It may be difficult to tell, but that makes it all the more fun. Spot the Difference Fortnite is taking puzzles to a new level by spotting differences between two related pictures. These Fortnite imagines will have you scratching your head; meanwhile, videogamers that play Fortnite will be able to play this game in a new point-of-view. Fortnite online has blown up video gaming across the world; the fn tracker is marking the stats Fortnite has received at a whopping 250 million players. Nonetheless, Spot the Difference Fortnite turns video games into a classic puzzle game with the same difficulty you desire in Fortnite.

Quick Tips

Learn rarity types! Common loot is the worst, and Legendary is the best!

Try to find patterns of changes, same author means there will be similar differences.